Full-stack ghost production agency with a focus on ghost design, custom technical solutions, cutting-edge developer services, Aritifical Intelligence (AI), and Crypto.

About Company

Bitghost is a full-stack ghost production agency integrated with an intelligent request solving ecosystem. Our focus is on custom ghost design, custom technical solutions, cutting-edge developer services, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Crypto Currency Banking. Our agency started off bringing together in-house developers and clients. We would often get flustered by the large amount of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) files we would collect from music production that we figured: "Why not create an encrypted storage bin that could automatically generate music content and other multimedia content with the help of AI?" Today Bitghost is bridging the gap between natural language and machine code. Some of our previous clients include world governments: - (United States) - (Germany) - (Brazil) With a few clicks of your mouse we make your vision a reality. The AI does all the heavy lifting. Our "ghosts," or "developers," simply handle the bits and bytes. Custom project solving. 0% chance of "hard" projects. We believe ideators should ideate. Developers should develop. Start innovating, today, with experts. We are the Ghost(s) in the machine.

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