Blue Sky Chat

Blue Sky Chat

The only platform using Australian chat agents. 8 Second Response Time & 99.7% customer satisfaction. We operate a 24x7 Live Chat. Watch us increase your leads 65%
Blue Sky Chat

The only platform using Australian chat agents. 8 Second Response Time & 99.7% customer satisfaction. We operate a 24x7 Live Chat. Watch us increase your leads 65%

Blue Sky Chat is an Australian based lead generator and live customer support operator with 99% customer satisfaction.

Unlike traditional managed live chat operators, Blue Sky Chat is only focussed on generating leads for your business. We actively engage and speak to each and every visitor on your website with the aim of generating a lead. These leads are then instnatly sent by SMS and/or E-mail.

All of our chat agents are Australian .

We study your business and learn everything there is about it.

We Provide:

  • 24 x 7 Live Chat & Lead Generation
  • On average 500% increase in leads
  • Leads sent instantly via SMS / E-mail

Turn your visitors into sales with 5x more leads. 


Mohammad Zamir wrote over 1 year ago:

We are testing a landing page for a business we haven't started yet and using this to measure the amount of engagement happy but will need to wait to see more results thank you

richard seagoella wrote over 1 year ago:

they contacted us and told us the benefit of using their chat service we are a small restaurant and we just had our first customer make a booking through it

Llewyn Ying wrote over 1 year ago:

One of the best lead generators we have found. Tried the others - the staff here really care about the overall success of the business. A+

Jolo Bhandt wrote over 1 year ago:

friend referred us to this...very good...we run a web and app development site....pretty happy with the service so far. customers happy that they can speak to real person.

Bruno Sthokei wrote over 1 year ago:

This is our 3rd website to use Blue Sky Chat. Happy. Energetic. Motivated. Good value for money, real people. What more could we want - leads are increasing.

Victor Maison wrote over 1 year ago:

We have just installed this on our new website which hasn't officially launched yet, i think it is going good so far and its much easier for us then getting our staff to do the live chat. i guess we will see what happens in the coming weeks, so far so good

Jack Buttler wrote over 1 year ago:

We absolutely love Blue Sky Chat. The support staff are really nice, communication is very fluid and results seem to be pretty good since we have started. I have someone on my site 24/7 and do not need to worry about anything else.

Gavin Bayer wrote over 2 years ago:

We never thought to use live chat before or have someone else man it - but so far the results are proving very valuable for us. We are a small law firm that specializes in tax and coprorate law. The pricing is extremely cheap wouldn't even think twice about it - would cost me 100x times more doing it on my own.

Joshua K wrote over 2 years ago:

A friend of ours put us on Blue Sky Chat and we have just started using it. Very good results so far with 4-5 leads coming in each day which is increasing my sales drastically. People think we are a very big organization which gives further credibility to our business. Recommend

Tracey Killard wrote over 2 years ago:

Radiante Belleza here! We started with the Blue Sky Chat free trial and they provided such an excellent lead generation service from the beginning that we stayed. The setup process is quick and simple. We have been able to capture the visitors who would have left the website if not for live chat. I highly recommend Blue Sky Chat for 24 x 7 lead generation for anyone looking for live chat on their website. Their prices are super affordable for us.

Harry Edwards wrote over 2 years ago:

We just started using Blue Sky Chat and I have to say that this is incredibly useful for our business. The fact that there is someone manning our website 24/7 means that we will never lose a customer again. Good bunch of guys running the business that called us up and helped us install the platform. Thank you

Heather Borse wrote over 2 years ago:

Very happy with Blue Sky Chat !! Professional, fast and easy to use. Good support - has a phone number we can call. Thank you

Roni Barton wrote almost 3 years ago:

Happy Customers!! Results speaking for themselves in the short period we have been using Blue Sky Chat. Not very techie at all and don't really do well with computers but the team really helped us install the wordpress plugin. Leads work out at about $2 each and are worth on average $300 so ROI is pretty high. If I can make any suggestions it would be to have a call center manned 24 x 7 as it was hard to speak to the center located in Australia

Jonathan wrote almost 3 years ago:

sales up and leads are up. we're quite happy with blue sky chat and recommend it. started with 14 day trial and then continued on with the plan. best value for money we found and located in australia =)

Michael Potter wrote almost 3 years ago:

we use blue sky on our vpn comparison website. pretty happy so far. compared it to all the other providers out there and found this to be the best value for money. we started with the 14 day trial. customer service was very good as well. i really like the chat portal where you can comment on the chats.

Simon Feng wrote almost 3 years ago:

We were introduced by Blue Sky Chat from a partner of ours. At first we didn't really know what to expect as we were unsure how they would learn our business - but wow - we are extremely happy we chose them. Our website now has a professional 24 x 7 who answers queries and drives sales. Worth every penny.

James Watson wrote almost 3 years ago:

We have been using Blue Sky to manage our live chat and the results have been very impressive and instant. They are generating multiple leads per day and we are seeing increases in conversions from all our other online sources too. We have given them a knowledge base, and this has been refined over time in response to actual questions we get from customers. In turn, we have taken this knowledge base and added it as FAQs to our site. Cant recommend Blue Sky highly enough.

Taryn Bree wrote almost 3 years ago:

I have a beautician service located in Sydney and blue sky is awesome - if you want something that is cost effective and hassle free then this is the way to go. my customers also really like that they can now book appointments via the live chat instead of calling up.

Rebecca Sheridan wrote almost 3 years ago:

love blue sky chat, don't need to worry about manning the chat and I get an sms each time I get a lead. outsourced live chat is the way to go without a doubt and the fact that it's based in australia is even better

Paul Ring wrote almost 3 years ago:

I don't normally write reviews, but Blue Sky Chat was the best value for money I found and I haven't looked back. They learnt our business in depth and have really helped us out. They act as a virtual secretary in a way and send us more than 10 leads a day through SMS and E-mail which is really great for us. I strongly recommend them
We are based in Australia and we speak with our clients in English
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