We are the 24x7 Live Chat Team, generating leads for a number of businesses through their existing website traffic.

We are the 24x7 Live Chat Team, generating leads for a number of businesses through their existing website traffic.

Chatmate is a customer-focused bunch with the people and processes to make sales happen RIGHT on your website. Our chat team will engage your website visitors within 30 seconds, answer any questions, and confirm the sale. Moreover, we are ready when your customers are. It could be 10PM in the night or 3PM on a Sunday afternoon.


Toni Narang wrote over 1 year ago:

24×7, pragmatic service and live within 12 hours plus when we opted for few upgrades e.g. image and logo etc.. ChatMate team went extra mile for quick delivery. Chats have started pouring in. Their knowledge handover process is simple and effective. Thanks to Team ChatMate. Cheers

Rahul wrote almost 2 years ago:

Young World Child Care was opened in Auckland late 2017 and we are currently busy enrolling new children and committed to provide awesome support to parents and children. Andy contacted us couple of months back and they are a great team. Always available and very responsive. They have helped us capture very valuable leads.

Amit Dua wrote almost 2 years ago:

Here at Signity, we are around 110 people and constantly receiving calls from job seekers. With Live Chat on our website, ChatMate team direct the candidates to write to us which saves our HR lot of time. Worth a service for $99 a month, saving us hours of time on phone. Highly Recommended.

Hussain Ginwala wrote almost 2 years ago:

Outstanding and professional group giving an excellent support throughout. Highly Recommend everyone to use and try the support process. Good knowledge of customer requirements and processes which can be seen in the services they provide.

Neeraj Satija wrote almost 2 years ago:

We have customers visiting our site from different time zones, and ChatMate team ensures each one of them is welcomed and engaged. Now we see 2X more leads with the same website traffic. The team at ChatMate are very prompt.

Mark Ockleston wrote almost 2 years ago:

Wow. I am blown away. I have had to employ one more staff already to cope with the 20 new accepted jobs I’m getting a week via ChatMate. Team at ChatMate is professional, approachable, and always willing to exceed the expectations. Thanks for doing a great job.

Anthony Baxter wrote almost 2 years ago:

These guy's are great! We've tried three different providers across NZ and AUS and Chatmate is without a doubt the best solution. They stay on script, think on their feat and are really responsive. As a result, our leads after hours have shot up and our digital agency is growing. Thanks the Chatmate team.
We are based in New Zealand and we speak with our clients in English
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