Generate more leads & sales by investing in conversational marketing. Our customers average 68% more leads in the first month. Get Started Risk-Free Now.

Generate more leads & sales by investing in conversational marketing. Our customers average 68% more leads in the first month. Get Started Risk-Free Now.

Increase Leads & Sales Generated Trough Your Website

Imagine if you had a team of sales experts online 24/7 ready to engage your customers to generate more leads & sales through live chat?

How much more revenue do you think your business could generate?

That's exactly what we do here at CrowdChat

We help your visitors become customers through carefully orchestrated conversations that generate leads and sales.

Let's talk about customer experience

Online customer experience is probably one of the most important things that justify whether or not a prospect buys from one of your competitors or becomes a long time beloved customer of your business.

That's why it's one of our values to always go above and beyond to help your customer just the way you would.

Talking about our values

  • Bring sincerfull empathy to every conversation.
  • Make the customer experience a full human conversation. We are not robots.
  • NEVER compromise on chat quality.

Features & Services

• 24/7 Managed Live Chat

• Facebook Messenger Management

• Facebook Messenger Bot Building (ManyChat)

• English and/or French Conversations Management

• Strategic Conversation Mapping

• Personalized Escalate Forms

• Monthly Personalized Reports

We're so confident in our services that we offer a full refund guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our service after the first month.


Frederik Walsh wrote 12 months ago:

The level of customer service their live agents bring to the table is off the charts. The management team is always giving me a great experience and constantly adjusts to my every need. My clients really appreciate being able to chat live and being answered instantly. Today, I wouldn't have a website without a live chat and full time agents.

William Skinner - Volkswagen Montreal wrote 12 months ago:

One word about the service: "wow!". As our car dealership mainly serves business clients, it is of the utmost importance for us to serve them in a professional yet efficient manner. The team at CrowdChat got that quickly and brought us quality leads since day one. They are always available to talk and support us whenever we have a question or adjustments to make. Nothing but good things to say about this team.

Jason Saunders wrote 12 months ago:

We used to outsource our live chat with another company listed here in the top ones. I do not regret for a second our decision. I was assigned an account manager from the beginning and he helped us increase our lead conversion rate by 37% and our chat per visitor rate by 2x. I personally recommend this team.

Dany C. wrote 12 months ago:

The first month we started working with CrowdChat we increased our lead generation by 4x. We were really impressed by how meticulous they were on the onboarding process. They make sure they understand your business thoroughly. They review performance monthly and make adjustments accordingly. Very professional. Well worth the cost.

Emma Sophie wrote about 1 year ago:

We love our new LiveChat! We had some hesitations about outsourcing our customer service but CrowdChat help overcome those concerns. They are bringing a ton of leads and we love it. Thanks again :)

Andrew Lincoln wrote about 1 year ago:

Our experience with CrowdChat has been phenomenal. We’ve been working with them for six months now and I still can’t believe how many customers were trying to contact us outside of our regular business hours. Kevin and his team have been attentive to details from the very start and have always adapted to our needs or changes happening within our business.

Gabriel McMahon wrote about 1 year ago:

I'm still shocked by the knowledge of this team. They positioned the chat widget on high-intent pages and came up with custom greetings that are tailored to the visitor's customer journey. The stunning results have convinced me that customer experience is a huge edge we have over our competition and our clients buy from us because of that. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their business online.

M.Desjardins wrote about 1 year ago:

Highly recommended. CrowdChat provides a 24/7 great customer experience service. They take the time to understand our business so they can achieve our goal. With Live Chat, we reach a 50% lead ratio. Not bad :) Thanks again.

Sylvain wrote about 1 year ago:

I was so worried about getting my live chat managed by another business. But then I met Sam from CrowdChat. He understood exactly what I wanted even better than I did and helped me understand how this can work giving CrowdChat my Live Chat. I am so pleased that I picked CrowdChat and hope you guys do the same.

Steven S. wrote about 1 year ago:

You made it so simple. My new site is generating more lead with your livechat knowledge. Keep up the good work. Thanks, guys!

Suzanne wrote about 1 year ago:

We've been working with CrowdChat for 3 months now and we couldn't be more satisfied. They generate 8x more leads than we did before doing business with them.

Anabelle Lemieux wrote about 1 year ago:

When we decided to outsource our live chat, the first thing that we looked for was a company that truly cared and delivered quality customer service. After weeks of talking to different companies, we finally decided to go with CrowdChat. They truly cared about our business and their agents are doing an amazing job.

Raphael Gagne wrote about 1 year ago:

Since we partnered with Crowd Chat, our conversion rate (and revenue) has jumped significantly. Now we are truly confident that we maximize every opportunity and that we don't leave any visitors by themselves on our website.

Dermapure / Marilyne Gagné wrote over 2 years ago:

CrowdChat a été une très belle addition à notre service client. Notre 500$/mois d’investissement a aussitôt généré 40 000$ de ventes supplémentaires. 80 fois notre investissement… les chiffres parlent d’eux-mêmes : ). Engager la conversation avec les clients qui visitent votre site à 21 heures le soir ça les surprend et c’est la raison pour laquelle ils choisissent de venir nous rencontrer. Ce contact personnalisé au moment où ils visitent plein de sites fait la différence.

Estriepro wrote over 2 years ago:

Nous sommes enchantés de pouvoir offrir à notre clientèle un service de CHAT sans avoir à le gérer nous même et ce à un prix très abordable. La qualité du service à la clientèle étant prioritaire chez-nous, nous pouvons vous assurez que l'équipe de Crowdchat offre un service de très haute qualité et ils répondent parfaitement à nos attentes depuis plus d'un an. Nous avons ajouter leur service sur le 2e site de l'entreprise. Ils ne se contente pas seulement de répondre aux clients, ils sont proactifs et proposent des idées et stratégies pour augmenter notre volume de clients et notre amélioration continue. Ils sont local ce qui est important pour nous qui ne voulais pas d'un partenaire dans un autre pays avec des accents ou difficiles à comprendre.

Mylène Véronneau wrote over 2 years ago:

Nous utilisons les services de Crowdchat depuis le début de l’année 2016 et les résultats sont impressionnants. Plusieurs personnes naviguant sur notre site internet ont des questions auxquelles ils veulent des réponses rapides et ils savent y répondre de façon très professionnelle. S’ils ont des doutes, ils valident avec nous avant de donner une réponse. Toute l’équipe est fiable et à notre écoute.

Académie SGS wrote over 2 years ago:

J’adore le service de CrowdChat. Il offre un service personnalisé axé sur notre clientèle. Grâce à eux, mon entreprise a réussi à obtenir de nouveaux clients. Merci à l’équipe pour votre écoute et la qualité de votre service.

Judith Fetzer wrote over 2 years ago:

J'ai adoré travailler avec l'équipe de crowdchat. Service en français, gros gros gros plus et c'est du service personnalisé. C'est du bon monde derrière la business! Je leur souhaite une belle croissance !

Jeff Proteau - Virus Santé Communication wrote over 2 years ago:

Nous sommes très satisfait des services offerts par CrowdChat. Leur solution nous permet de compléter notre stratégie Web. Les résultats étaient si satisfaisant que CrowdChat fait maintenant partie de nos partenaires d'affaires! Nous offrons leur solution à notre clientèle dans le domaine du marketing Web de la santé.

Toiture AML wrote over 2 years ago:

Dans le domaine de la construction, la compétition est féroce. Avec CrowdChat, nous avons réussi à nous différencier en offrant un service unique et personnalisé. CrowdChat nous a aussi permis d'obtenir des clients, et ce dès les premiers jours de leur service. Chapeau à toute l'équipe.

Noble Barbu wrote over 2 years ago:

En étant une petite entreprise en démarrage, il nous était impossible d'offrir un service à la clientèle de qualité. La solution CrowdChat, nous permet d'assurer une présence sur notre site Web pour nos visiteurs et de nous concentrer sur le développement de notre entreprise! Avec la tarification avantageuse, c'est un service qui venait compléter notre stratégie Web. N'importe quelle entreprise qui veut rentabiliser leur site Web devrait faire affaire avec eux!

Clinique GO wrote over 2 years ago:

Excellent service à la clientèle. Réponses et ajustements toujours rapides! Belle expérience avec CrowdChat, autant en français qu'en anglais. Nos clients apprécient aussi le fait de pouvoir chatter en direct.

Steve St-Hilaire T.P. wrote over 2 years ago:

Service incroyable, flexible et équipe très dynamique et dévouée. Très heureux de pouvoir offrir ce support à notre clientèle en ligne sans avoir à gérer le tout nous même. Le prix est très compétitif. Ils dépassent nos attentes constamment et nous propose des idées sans qu'ont leur demande. On voit qu'ils travaillent sur le long terme et cherche à bâtir des relations d'affaire sur du solide. Je les recommande sans hésitations à toutes entreprises sur le web n'offrant pas de chat en ligne à l'interne.

Kevin Michaud wrote about 3 years ago:

Great service and always nice to work with them. Got a lot of results and new clients so i recommend them to every business. You need to try it. They deserve in french and english and are good in different types of clients.
We are based in Canada and we speak with our clients in English, French
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