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WE AIM TO TURN ONLINE TRAFFIC INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS! When you visit a local shop, you’re met by a person who wants to help you find what you want and we think the online experience should be the same, which is where our live chat service comes in. After signing up to Help Chat, our dedicated live chat operators will monitor for website and engage with live traffic to convert sales and answer queries. Our team get to know your business inside out, so it doesn’t feel like you are outsourcing your live chat service. Our live web agents will engage with visitors in a friendly, professional and informed manner, determined to turn your traffic into revenue. We don’t think of ourselves as a live chat agency. We encourage you to think of us as another branch of your brand, a well informed group of live operators who are ready to offer your potential customers the same level of service you would expect from a full time employee, at a fraction of the cost.

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