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LiveChat Pro

We provide managed live chat services in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch and are known for our excellent customer service and lead generation
LiveChat Pro

We provide managed live chat services in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch and are known for our excellent customer service and lead generation

LiveChat Pro has a mission: delivering excellent customer service and converting visitors to customers. This company delivers a managed live chat service: its chat operators serve visitors on its clients' websites via live chat. This way companies don't need to hire, train and manage chat operators, while they can deliver online excellent service to their customers. LiveChat Pro focuses on webshops and companies with at least 10,000 visitors a month.

LiveChat Pro guarantees through its SLA a response time of maximum 30 seconds. Its managed live chat service is available 24x7.

We support our customers, mostly companies in retail, non-profit, education, IT and manufacturing, in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German.

We make our customers successful by converting their visitors into quality leads, increasing online conversions and delivering customer service via live chat. Although LiveChat Pro's focus is on delivering managed live chat services, the company also helps other companies train their employees to become professional live chat operators. We are part of Digital Customer Care Company.


Hesli Pepplinkhuizen wrote about 1 year ago:

We zien regelmatig positieve reacties in de chatverslagen, bijvoorbeeld dat de operator bedankt wordt voor de goede hulp of het prettige gesprek. Een teken dat de service van LiveChat Pro inderdaad perfect past bij onze persoonlijke aanpak.

Jodie Staphorst wrote over 1 year ago:

We hebben met HAN Deeltijdstudies met LiveChat Pro gewerkt om te testen of de bezoekers op onze site behoefte hebben aan dit contactmoment. En die behoefte was er zeker! Buiten openingstijden van onze hogeschool en in het weekend was het ook prettig dat we de agents van Live Chat Pro konden inzetten.

Filip Peetroons wrote over 1 year ago:

These guys are online on our website from early morning till late evening, 7 days a week. This is an excellent service for our website!

Gaming Operator Malta wrote over 1 year ago:

We have been working with LiveChat Pro since end of last year and have been very happy with them. They don’t only handle chats for us but also tickets. They currently deliver support in English and German. As they are a great partner to work with, we have decided to expand live chat to our other languages sites.

Mikel Minkman wrote about 2 years ago:

We decided to experiment with the live chat functionality on our website, in order to support our customer base and generate new business opportunities. After a successful trial period, we decided to partner with LiveChat Pro because they are able to support our international visitors in multiple languages while generating high-quality leads for our sales team. Moreover, they are very flexible and are able to meet our changing demands.

Lisa Leggate wrote over 2 years ago:

Since working with LiveChat Pro we have been most pleased with the service they offer our company. We needed English, German, Dutch and French chat operators, who would offer a customer friendly response, not automated. This has been achieved to a great success, with our customers noticing the friendly, professional tone. The extended opening hours has increased our reach to customers early morning and into the evening. Highly recommended.

Ineke wrote over 2 years ago:

LiveChat Pro heeft bijna twee jaar lang voor ons elke maand heel wat leads uit de hele wereld gegenereerd. Dit heeft een positieve impact op onze omzet gehad. Ze voeren de chats in vier verschillende talen. Daarnaast reageren ze snel op vragen die wij zelf hebben! Ik kan ze zeker aanbevelen.

Robert Peek wrote over 2 years ago:

Voordat we met hen in zee gingen, aarzelden wij of LiveChat Pro de kennis over onze masteropleidingen voldoende eigen kon maken. Die twijfel was achteraf gezien niet nodig geweest. Dat bleek al snel uit de grote hoeveelheid positieve reacties van onze websitebezoekers over de live chat dienstverlening.

Johan van de Water wrote over 2 years ago:

We have been dealing with LiveChat Pro for at least two years now. With these guys we can serve our international online visitors better and faster. 7 days a week, almost 24 hours a day and in 4 different languages!

Huijgen wrote over 2 years ago:

Livechat Pro allows us to reach and interact with site visitors we would otherwise not be able to contact. Because the service relies on skilled chat operators and not bots, they are able to offer a very customer friendly channel to our visitors. Highly recommended.

Kees wrote over 2 years ago:

Goede partij om mee samen te werken! Ze hebben heel snel de service opgezet en zijn zeer flexibel in de samenwerking. De vorige aanbieder waarmee we zaken deden was duurder en leverde slechte kwaliteit.

Linda van der Pot wrote over 3 years ago:

We have been using LiveChat Pro for several months now. They seem to understand our business well and are able to generate quality leads for our sales people. We’ve had already quite a few orders coming in thanks to them.

Annette wrote over 3 years ago:

Service is great! We do not have received a great number of leads yet, but the amount of chats is increasing. We will continue this service at the moment to see if it comes to more leads. Great advantage is the fact that there is the possibility to contact our company outside the openinghours.

Pieter Peelen wrote over 3 years ago:

“We have been working with LiveChat Pro for a while. We are happy with their service, but we just decided that chat in general is not suitable for our company. We still recommend it to other companies, it's worth trying"

Nico wrote over 3 years ago:

Livechat Pro enables visitors on our webshop to get into contact with our company during and also after opening hours. We make use of their professional chat operators who respond to questions of our visitors and try to convert them to customers and thus improve our conversion rate. The chat operators are well trained and also communication with LivechatPro is smooth and efficient. Highly recommended.

Sandra wrote over 3 years ago:

Great customer service via live chat! We receive lots of leads, which has really increased our conversion rate on the website. We didn't expect so much visitors to use the live chat, but it seems they really appreciate this very approachable way of getting in touch with a company

Peter Coelman wrote over 3 years ago:

Live chat pro is used by our outsourcing partner, Live Chat. We don't work with this system. We find that this platform is enabling us to help out our customers to reach us by chat. Information between UNICEF and Live Chat is easy to exchange.

Roos wrote over 3 years ago:

We are based in Netherlands and we speak with our clients in German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch
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