Changes to Our Chat and People Who Are Responsible!
Last month, you enjoyed our LiveChat Video Tips! We’re happy to see that, as this gives us the confidence to develop our channel in the future.
This time, we want to share some product news, present you a use case for LiveChat in the travel industry and also show you all the new faces at our company. Enjoy!
Olga Rogacka
Content Writer
Olga Rogacka

New Chat Widget Configurator
New Chat Widget Configurator
LiveChat’s New Chat Widget Configurator gives you the option to change the looks of your chat window and tweak its behaviour without using CSS or JavaScript configuration. How convenient, right?
Besides changing the colors of single chat widget elements, you can also decide if you’d like to show your chat to customers visiting your site from mobile devices. And there’s much more!

How LiveChat Made a Difference in the Travel Industry
How LiveChat Made a Difference in the Travel Industry
What’s a better time to read about LiveChat in the travel industry than the holiday season?, one of the top providers of discounted hotel bookings, started using LiveChat when almost none of the online travel agencies did. It made a huge difference for their customers and quickly became their main channel of communication.
Find out how team assists their customers before, during and after their trips. 24/7 service is priceless, as customers want to enjoy their vacation and not worry about a thing (maybe except their suntan).

LiveChat is Growing in Numbers and Power!
LiveChat is Growing in Numbers and Power!
A product is important, but people are everything. LiveChat team is growing, and we have over 100 people now! For us, it means more welcome cakes on a daily basis. For you – more hands to help you with your problems, and many more brains to develop the product of your dreams.
See our team and don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’re always here!
Agent App Widgets
Developer Experience (DX) is a term related to User Experience (UX). It describes developers as a special type of users. Designing great DX is a practice of understanding how developers get their work done and helping them throughout the process.
At LiveChat, we strive to deliver great developer experience. See for yourself!
Filip Jaskolski
Head of Developers Program
Filip Jaskolski

How to Make a Livechat App in Less Than 5 Minutes
They say that video is worth more than thousand words. So… here it is!
This time, we’ve prepared a short tutorial about creating a simple LiveChat App, that will only take about 3 minutes of your time. Grab some popcorn and you’re ready to go!
LiveChat Tips Series on YouTube
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