Difficult customers are present in every business. We get that. Nobody’s perfect.
Dealing with difficult customers
Difficult customers are present in every business. We get that. Nobody’s perfect.
When you meet the person that is not satisfied with your product or service, your job is to listen and understand why. There’s also the hard part – you need to accept the fact that there’s actually someone not melting over your business.
I mean, how dare they? Don’t ask me! I’m just here to help you handle them.
Olga Kolodynska
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Difficult customers on chats
Dealing with difficult customers
Mr. I-want-it-now, Mr. Complainer, Mr. Lazy or Mr. I-know-better? I’m sure you had a questionable pleasure to meet them all.
Read the blog post, in which these 4 types are described based on situations that happened during our chats.
Dealing with a rude customer and remaining sane
Dealing with difficult customers
One call from a rude customer can spoil your whole day and kill your job satisfaction.
Here are a couple of tips that can help you strengthen your rudeness defense. Don’t act like you don’t need it!
A little cheat sheet for your customers
Dealing with difficult customers
You know almost everything about dealing with difficult customers by now. But what about them? Do they know how to act when using your service?
Feel free to use this cheat sheet. And don’t forget, we all get angry sometimes.
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