Google Analytics and LiveChat integration

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Google Analytics and LiveChat integration

Check our Knowledge Base article for up-to-date information about LiveChat-Google Analytics integration.

As many of you have already experienced, LiveChat integrates with Google Analytics to accomplish the synergy effect within two markets: live chat and data analysis. While we strongly believe that we should focus on the development of LiveChat product, we are open to integrations with other software. And Google Analytics is just a good example of one.

Today we moved on with cooperation with Google Analytics tool and introduced a set of new LiveChat events you can track. Each LiveChat event appears in your Google Analytics account as a virtual page view, so you can easily analyse the data using Goals functionality.

From today, the following options are available to all of our customers in all plans:

  • /LiveChat/Invitation/Standard/ — standard invitation has been displayed to the visitor,
  • /LiveChat/Invitation/Personal/ — personal invitation has been displayed to the visitor,
  • /LiveChat/Prechat-survey/ — the visitor opened the pre-chat survey
  • /LiveChat/Chat/ — the visitor proceeded to chat with live chat operator,
  • /LiveChat/Callback/ — the visitor requested a callback from an operator,
  • /LiveChat/Postchat-survey/ — the visitor opened the post-chat survey,
  • /LiveChat/Offline-form/ — after-hours form has been presented to the visitor.

Page views in Google AnalyticsThe fantastic thing about Google Analytics integration is the fact that you can measure all LiveChat events as you would normally analyse website pageviews. Just use the potential of currently available tools and draw conclusions about your website performance.

Please note that the previous events have been disabled so as not to duplicate the data in your statistics. If you have been already integrated with LiveChat, please update your Goals and other analysis tools. The following events have been disabled: ContactCenter Chat/, ContactCenter Invites/ and ContactCenter Callback/.


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