Connect LiveChat with HelpDesk to transfer your chat transcripts and ticket form messages to your ticketing system.


HelpDesk ( is LiveChat’s ticketing system that converts emails into easy-to-manage tickets. Stay on top of your customer communication, anytime. Discover HelpDesk that gives you a smart toolset to manage your entire communication with customers.

Key Features

Forward offline messages to HelpDesk

If you’re not online 24/7, your customers can still contact you via ticket form. Transfer these messages to HelpDesk to manage all conversations in one place.

Store chat transcripts in HelpDesk

Don’t miss any detail about your customers. Check chat transcripts and ticket history to have an overview of your customers’ questions and needs.

Simplified setup

You can connect HelpDesk and LiveChat in a few simple steps. The integration is free and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Key Benefits

Integrate different channels

Connect LiveChat and HelpDesk to manage multichannel communication in a simple way. Provide real-time support on chat, and solve more complicated issues using a ticketing system.

Discover an easy-to-navigate interface

The HelpDesk app is easy to implement in your customer support flow. HelpDesk and LiveChat are based on the same design system, so you don’t have to get used to a new interface.

Start using LiveChat with HelpDesk now!