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Chat with your fans and customers right from the LiveChat application.


The Facebook Messenger integration allows you to link your Facebook Fanpage with LiveChat and receive new messages from your fans and customers right in the LiveChat application. Thanks to it, you can get in touch with your customers keeping all your communication in one place! Note that this is a paid integration. You can get it for $10/month. How does it work? The rule is simple. After setting up your subscription and configuring the Messenger app itself, you will be able to receive chats from your Facebook Fanpage in the LiveChat app. All that you will need to do is to log into your LiveChat account and switch your status to Accept chats. Facebook Messenger is a leading instant messaging service for one-to-one and group conversations provided by Facebook. It allows sending text messages, pictures, videos, GIFs, emojis, or stickers. The solution enables you to make video and phone calls, provided you have access to the internet. Also, the tool comes with a great function that lets you share your location with others. Thanks to it, people can find you even if you have a problem with explaining direction to your whereabouts. What’s more, the app allows you to send money and remind others about the money they owe you. Your Messenger account can be easily connected with your Facebook, however, users who don't have a Facebook profile can also create their own Messenger account.

Key Features

Dead-easy installation

Integrating your Fanpage with LiveChat has never been easier! With just a few simple steps, you will make sure that none of your customers' queries will go unattended.

Link your Facebook Fanpage with LiveChat

Receive new messages from your fans right in LiveChat application. When someone will message your Fanpage, the conversation will be forwarded to LiveChat and displayed as a new chat. Thanks to this, you can keep customer communication in one place.

Key Benefits

Keep your communication in one place

With LiveChat for Messenger you can keep all your communication channels, without the need to switch between different tabs and applications.

Provide your customers with support wherever they need

With our dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, you can make sure that your customers can reach out to you wherever they want – via Facebook, chat and email!

Invite customers to chat

LiveChat makes it possible for you to engage customers in chatting. By sending personalized invitations, you can act as a real shop assistant who offers help and guidance. Use your charm and help customers become your happy clients.

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