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Median Integration

by LiveChat

Chat and CoBrowse with your customers at the same time with just a few easy steps!


What is Median?

Median is a tool which lets you see what your customer sees. It works in real-time, so you can quickly understand your customer's context and address their issue. This product integrates with LiveChat, so once it installed your team will see a link inside chat interface. Then click it to get access to your customer's world instantly.


What benefits does Median Integration provide?

Easy troubleshooting

Use this integration to save both your and your customer’s time, which can result in closing more sales!

Understand customer context to solve their problems faster

One click is all it takes to access customer's browser window in real-time, resolving chats faster and leaving customers delighted.


Features of Median Integration

Dead-easy installation

At LiveChat when we say that something is dead-easy, we mean it. This time it applies to LiveChat-Median integration, where neither you nor your customers will have to install anything in order for the integration to work. It's almost like magic!

CoBrowse with your customers

Now you can not only chat but also CoBrowse with your customers a the same time! Use this opportunity to help out your customers whenever they'll encounter a technical issue that they cannot overcome by themselves.


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