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You can generate a PDF with quote using this application


This app allows you to create a quotation of an item and save it as PDF that you can share with the customer. Please fill in all the brackets and click submit to download the PDF In case you want to re-use some of the information you put in the brackets please click the 'save' icon in right bottom corner, then select which information should be saved by clicking 'send' icon next to the bracket Brackets will be filled with saved informations upon app refresh

Key Features

Generate a quotation and save it as a PDF

Quotation can be created based on user input

Re-usable values

The name of your company doesn't change? or subscription period is always the same? Now you can save the input and never have to fill it again

Discounts and subscriptions support

You can generate a quotation with custom discount or a subscription of custom time period

Key Benefits

This application will change your life

Providing direct pricing for specific customer never was any easier!

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