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Stratifyd Integration

by Stratifyd

Integrate LiveChat with Stratifyd and analyse the information about your customers! All of that with just a few easy steps and AI-powered analytics from Stratifyd.


What is Stratifyd?

Stratifyd turns data into easy to understand insights, which help you improve processes and products. With this platform, you can merge data from different sources to create a complete overview of your business. Then you can leverage in-depth insights to understand customer patterns, investment opportunities, and ways to improve engagement. Finally, you will be able to make data-driven decisions across all sectors of business operations.


What benefits does Stratifyd Integration provide?

Integrate LiveChat with PlayVox and analyze the information about your customers like the most popular topics discussed over a chat!

Integrate LiveChat with Stratifyd and analyze the information about your customers like the most popular topics discussed in a chat!

Improve the customer experience using the chat data

With LiveChat comes tons of customer data — the pre-chat survey collects contact details, chat transcripts give powerful sales insights, and post-chat survey can be used to gather feedback.

Work smarter and more efficiently

Integrate Stratifyd with LiveChat to understand what led your visitor to chat and what happens after.


Features of Stratifyd Integration

Analize your customers behaviour!

Integrate LiveChat with Stradifyd and analyze the behavior of your customers! Check out what are the most popular topics among your customers – all of that automatically and easily accessible in your Stratifyd dashboard.

AI-powered analytics

Combine LiveChat with Stratifyd and see how the AI-powered analytics do it's magic! With data feed provided by LiveChat, Stratifyd will automatically analyze all key words typed by your customers. See what are the main areas of interest among your customers!


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