LiveChat for Windows

Feature packed and quickly deployable it's the prime solution for desktop-based online chat.
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Spot & engage

Handle both the monitoring and chatting aspects of LiveChat from one application. Easily switch between gathering valuable information on your visitors and handling their enquiries, converting them into customers.

Spot and engage

Monitor your visitors

Know who you are chatting with and recognize your visitors. Get instant information including their name, location, and website they are browsing, plus the time spent on that page.


Tag based canned responses

Recall premade responses and send them over to your visitors with a simple tag. Using canned responses, you will be able to quickly send a lot of information to your visitors or easily respond a popular question.

Canned responses

Multi-functional interface

Our application is packed with many features that will boost your productivity, with use of numerous integrations and built‑in chat features.

Multi-functional interface

LiveChat for Windows

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