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Help desk software

Help desk software in LiveChat

Why pay for two separate products when you can get both live chat and a help desk in one bundle? With LiveChat, you will get both live chat software and help desk software at a price of one product. Like a perfect customer service software!

No need for 3rd party integrations

Since LiveChat’s help desk software has been built into the live chat application, you won’t have to deal with any integrations. You get the full live chat and help desk functionality out of the box.

Help Desk Software

Deep cooperation

All existing and new LiveChat features take into account both the live chat and help desk functionality. Whenever we add a new report, new filter or a new feature to LiveChat, the best thing is that our help desk software gets it too.

Powerful features for best help desk use

The best thing about LiveChat’s help desk software is that it’s a fully-featured product. You get the full benefit of a ticketing system within the LiveChat application.

Ticket in Help Desk Software from LiveChat

Cover multiple channels

Best practice is to use LiveChat’s help desk software to store tickets from multiple sources, including email, chat and Facebook.

Ticket sources in Help Desk Software

Works after-hours

Your customers can get in touch with you using the after-hours form on your website. All messages left in this way will be forwarded to your help desk. When you get back online, you will be able to respond to them and solve any problems your customers have.

“After-hours ticket–form always helps as it shows potential customer that we care. As a result of this, we sell hundreds of packages.”
– Colin Sacks, Owner of ForSaleByOwner

Response faster with canned responses

The biggest advantage of chat over phone is that you can handle many chats at the same time. To improve your response time and avoid putting user in a queue use predefined canned responses that suits your FAQ. Save your time and use it instead to make another customer happy.

Use staff prediction tool

Let the algorithm help you adjust number of agents to cover all of the chats. LiveChat algorithm takes into account the number of simultaneous chats your agents can handle and match it with predicted chat volume. This information suggests you whether you should add more agents or allow more simultaneous chats per agent to deliver the best customer support to the user.

Staffing prediction in help desk software

Know as much as possible about users

To make your support desk even more practical use the information like name, email, geolocation, previous chats, shopping history and many more. Gather them in help desk with LiveChat pre-chat survey or transfer from 3rd party tools you use with just few clicks.

Start managing your help desk via mobile

Don’t let your support software restrain you only to your office – use LiveChat mobile apps to manage your help desk. With a few taps on the screen you can engage visitors on your site, chat with them and if the problems cannot be resolved in one touch – create a ticket and follow up later.

LiveChat's mobile Help Desk Software

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