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For customers

Chat always available for your clients

Customers can start a conversation anytime when surfing your website.
Installing LiveChat on multiple sites will get you in touch with even more customers.

LiveChat Tour: For customers

Engage customers on your website

Make the first step towards a conversation by inviting customers to chat. Greetings sent automatically to customers will let them know that you are available and ready to help.

LiveChat Tour: Engage customers on your website

Get graded by customers and use that feedback to get better

A grade from each chat will show you which aspects of your customer service need improving.

LiveChat Tour: Get graded by customers

Earn praise through awesome service

Customers amazed by the quality of your support can spread the love on their social media channels using the ‘share’ buttons in your chat window.

LiveChat Tour: Earn praise

Give your chat window a custom look

Change the look of your chat window by adding your company logo and choosing custom colors.

LiveChat Tour: Give your chat a custom look

For agents

LiveChat Tour: For Agents

Focus on speed of response

Colors of customer circles will tell you which client requires your attention.

LiveChat Tour: Speed of response

Solve customer cases quickly and efficiently

Use built-in tools to provide a swift service. See what customers are typing in before they send it and answer common questions quickly with pre-made responses.

LiveChat Tour: Solve customer cases quickly

Scroll up to see the history of previous chats

You can easily access previous chats by scrolling up during a chat. This will provide the context necessary to resolve customer cases.

LiveChat Tour: History of previous chats

Make tickets the first step towards 24/7 support

Customers will be able to contact you through tickets even if your chat is not available. You will respond to all the questions as soon as you get back online.

LiveChat Tour: Tickets - the first step towards 24/7 support

Use LiveChat with tools you already know for added value

Add customers to your CRM straight from chat using a number of integration options. Easily connect other tools with ready-made integrations.

LiveChat Tour: Tools

Close cases from your office and on the move

Applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android will help you service clients anywhere and anytime.

LiveChat Tour: Applications

For managers

The state of your
customer service at a glance

Get a clear picture of your support through the collection of the most important statistics from the last 7 days.

LiveChat Tour: For managers

Build and easily manage
your support team

Create new agent accounts, give agents specific tasks and set their working hours.

LiveChat Tour: Build and manage your support team

Work with agents
to improve chat quality

Check on the quality of service provided by your agents using the performance statistics. Gauge their work and train them in real chat environment using chat supervision option.

LiveChat Tour: Check on the quality of service

Get a clear look at your efficiency

Use the detailed reports to measure your customer service improvement and efficiency.

LiveChat Tour: Reports
  • Satisfaction stats

    See how happy your customers are with your service.

  • Total chats

    The volume of chats you receive during a given period.

  • Solved tickets

    Tickets that have been taken care of by your agents.

  • Ticket sources

    Distribution of tickets on those received by email, through a form on your website and created during chat.

  • First response time

    Measure the speed of your first responses to tickets.

  • New tickets

    The amount of cases that couldn’t be resolved via chat.

  • Queue waiting times

    The average time it took to enter a chat from a queue.

  • Goals

    See how many chats end up with a sale or a lead.

  • Queued visitors

    The number of customers that had to wait to enter chat.

  • Availability

    The amount of time your live chat was available for customers.

  • Resolution time

    How long it takes your agents to successfully close a ticket.

  • Export

    Schedule an automated export of the chosen report that will be sent to you via email.

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