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Krister Haav/Toggl: How to Manage a Remotely Working Team

23 March 2017
Krister Haav, co-founder of Toggl, describes pros and cons of having a remote team. Since Toggl hires people from 16 countries, Krister is an expert in hiring, managing and motivating people working remotely.

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Hi all, welcome to Business Sidekick, a podcast where we explore the e-commerce universum, trying to bring value to our listeners and helping them to succeed in the online jungle.

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Justyna Polaczyk

This is Justyna, writer, marketer and self-proclaimed philosopher. She plans to rule the Universe. While she plots the intrigue, she writes about ecommerce and customer service on LiveChat blog.

Julia Wojcik

In Business Sidekick, Julia unleashes her creativity to create eye-candies you'd love. In partnership with Justyna, her goal is to take the art of podcasting to a different level.

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