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Singlehop using LiveChat

They’ve started like most of you did — with regular 14-days LiveChat trial. After the testing period was over, Dan Ushman, CEO of SingleHop decided to give our live support software a green light and selected LiveChat Enterprise Edition as the main tool for SingleHop’s customer support team. This situation took place several months ago and since then, Dan and his SingleHop team learned that LiveChat can easily become the vital part of prosperous hosting business. Therefore they decided to introduce LiveChat to their resellers, who profit from being a part of partner program called Tandem.

What is Tandem?

Tandem from SingleHopWe asked Dan to briefly explain us what is Tandem:

“Tandem is a reseller program where resellers can leverage everything that SingleHop has internally–from our technology, to our partnerships, to our web designers, etc. We provide everything in a sort of ‘hosting business in-a-box’ setup.”

SingleHop Frog

All resellers benefit not only from the access to SingleHop infrastructure, and products, but also from relationships that SingleHop already developed with other companies, such as GlobalSign (SSL certificates), SiteLock (website monitoring) or Yahoo! Search Marketing (ad campaigns), just to mention several of them.

How to become a part of Tandem and SingleHop’s reseller?

It’s easy — sign up here and you will be granted the access to SingleHop’s reseller platform with all the profits it offers.

And if you are interested only in hosting services, feel free to contact SingleHop respresentatives who are waiting for you on to answer all questions. Contact them using LiveChat, of course ;)


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