Chat invitation with an overlay

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LiveChat has just been given another brilliant functionality. With few simple clicks you can now define where your chat invitation will appear on the website. Not only can you use one of the screen corners (e.g. top right corner with 100px offset from the border), but — and that’s the option we’re really proud of — you can hide website contents with an overlay and just display the invitation in front.

Here’s how it looks like:

Chat invitation with an overlay

The overlay option has become the default option for all your invitations. The overlay option greatly improves the invitation click-rate as it looks more professional and personalized. For you it means even more chats with your customers — and that’s a really good news.

Please visit the improved Chat Invitations configurator in our Control Panel. You will find it on “Settings > Chat Invitations” page.

We are looking forward to getting some feedback from you regarding this functionality. Every suggestion will be very valuable for us.


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