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Promoting online business Create discussions about promotional activities and find out how to help your business stand out from the crowd. Sales&Conversion Discuss best practices for lead generation, website traffic and conversion rates optimization. Off-topic Talk about topics that come to your mind but don’t fit into any existing category. Have a good conversation! Customer Service Discuss best customer service practices and find out how to increase customer satisfaction. Recommendations Ask for tool recommendations and business advice.
Community Highlight #1 - Melissa Hannam [Customer Service] (2)

Hi Community users! There are some awesome support agents and marketers among us. We thought it would be great to get to know them better :heart_eyes:! Every month we will carry out a short, but meaty interview with on…

Customer Service Report 2019 - what would you like to know? [Customer Service] (6)

Hi all! Every year we analyze all LiveChat data from our customers to publish Customer Service Reports.. This year, for the first time we have the opportunity to ask you - what information do you need? Last year we’ve …

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