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Chat API

Chat API

Use our powerful, fully-documented API to automate some of your LiveChat activities and create custom integrations with your own systems.

Chat API

Build your own LiveChat component using our Chat API. It will allow you to place a custom chat function in your web service or application.

Feature list: API - Workflow automation


You can make some of your LiveChat tasks a lot faster by using the API. For example, you can easily create a request that will change the status for all of your agents at once or one that will allow you to store visitor details to a file.


With a bit of webhook magic, you can easily create custom LiveChat integrations. For example, you can pull customer data straight from your database and display it in LiveChat whenever a chat with a past customer starts.

Feature list: API - JavaScript API

JavaScript API

The JavaScript portion of the API will allow you to manipulate the way the chat window works and behaves.

Reports via API

Pull tailored, on-demand reports using LiveChat’s API. You can integrate them into your own CRM system or extract raw data, which can be then interpreted in Excel.

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