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Engaging customers

Engaging customers

Increase the chances of chatting with your website visitors. Make your chat more visible by adding an eye-catcher and chat buttons. Chat invitations will help you reach visitors automatically.
Feature list: Engaging customers - Automatic greeting


LiveChat can detect when visitors take certain actions on your website and issue chat invitations based on those actions. For example, you can set up an invitation with a help offer that will trigger when a visitor has seen several of your help pages.

Apart from the initial setup, everything related to those invitations will happen automatically. You simply need to answer all the additional chats.

Feature list: Engaging customers - Targeting visitor groups

visitor groups

Reach out to specific groups of visitors coming to your website. LiveChat will help you identify who is looking to buy something, who needs support and who is a returning customer.

Feature list: Engaging customers - Personal greeting


To complement your use of automatic chat greetings, you can issue personal, on-demand chat invitations to visitors on your website.

This feature allows you to engage valuable prospects that would otherwise leave your website without chatting.

Feature list: Engaging customers - Eye-catchers


Make sure your visitors can always spot your chat window by using a custom eye-catcher. The eye-catcher is a graphic that draws extra attention to your LiveChat.

You can either use an eye-catcher from a gallery of ready-made graphics or upload your own eye-catcher that would go in line with your website’s style and design.

Feature list: Engaging customers - Ticket form

Ticket form

Even when you go offline, LiveChat can still gather inquiries from visitors on your website. When you log off, the chat window on your website is replaced with a ticket form. Using the form, visitors can leave you questions as tickets. When you come back online, you can answer these tickets.

Chat on Facebook2

Placing a chat feature on your Facebook fan page will open a whole new channel for your customers to use. Your agents can answer the chats from Facebook as if they were normal chats happening on your website.

Smart or manual chat routing

or manual
chat routing

Chats in LiveChat can be either automatically routed to the available agents according to a modified round robin algorithm or they can be manually picked up by agents from a queue.

The algorithm assigns chats to available agents as evenly as possible. It is modified by two additional factors. Firstly, you can set a certain chat limit for an agent and, when the limit is reached, the agent won’t receive any more chats. Secondly, returning visitors will be assigned to agents they already know to make the experience more personal. All excessive chats will be sent to a queue.

When using manual chat routing, all chats go straight to the queue and it is up to you and your agents to pick them up. You can choose which visitors you want to engage.

Chat on multiple websites

If you are running several websites, you can hook all of them up to a single LiveChat account. You can have agents answer chats from a particular website or handle chats from all websites.

Chat buttons

Buttons are a less invasive way of providing a chat option to your visitors. They work great for pages where the visitor decides if he or she needs help via chat, for example a self-service support page.

Chat via a direct link

A more compact way of offering your LiveChat is to provide a link that leads directly to the chat window. This option can do wonders for your email marketing as recipients will be able to start a chat right from their inboxes.

Chat history

Your customers can pick up a chat where they last left off or reread a conversation anytime they need. All they have to do is scroll up in the chat widget. It saves your team’s time as customers don’t need to start a new chat to ask again about something you already answered.

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