Quick tip: Install LiveChat on multiple websites

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There’s an updated version of this guide available in our Knowledge Base.

LiveChat is a very flexible system and, compared to other products available on the market, provides wide range of useful solutions. Multiple websites support is a built-in feature that lets you talk to the visitors of different websites at a time.

The good news is that all statistics will be still grouped by different website profiles. It means that you’ll be able to analyse how LiveChat works on each of the websites. What’s more, unique chat invitations, chat window templates and chat buttons — all can be configured separately for each website as well.

Setting up two different profiles

Start with opening your Control Panel. Go to Skills section and create two separate Skills. One skill will be called “Website A”, while the second — “Website B”.

Adding a new skill in LiveChat

Naming new skill in LiveChat

Now click on “Website A” name to enter the edit mode. Assign your LiveChat operators that will talk with visitors from your “Website A” to this profile.

Editing a skill in LiveChat

Each skill will mean a separate website profile. Now you will need to install different LiveChat monitoring code for every website. To do so, go to Website integration section to get the appropriate code. Choose in Advanced “Website A” in “Skill” field. Then, put the installation code in your website just before the ending </head> HTML tag.

Adding a skills to LiveChat code

Once the code is installed, your “Website A” setup is ready! Log in to your LiveChat application and you should see the traffic monitoring for this website.

Repeat the above for “Website B” profile now — install the monitoring code for this profile on your second website. Once it’s done, you will monitor visitors on both websites using single LiveChat license.


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