Top online marketing materials and mentors

(Daria Zwierz) #1

Hi guys,

We all want to learn from the best specialists and use this knowledge to make our businesses better. Can you tell us who your favorite marketing mentors are?

Do you recommend some good training materials that helped you become a professional?

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(Tony) #2

I’ve been listening to the “Goal Digger” podcast and “Agents of Change” neither is specific to my industry but I’ve been finding a lot of marketing value in both.

(Daisy Rowley) #3

Hi, Daria :wink:
My favorite mentors are Bryan Clark, Wendy Piersall and Daniel Scocco.
Let`s start from Bryan Clark and his blog CopyBlogger(dot)com. At first glance it may seem that Bryan writes about copywriting, and not about internet marketing, but it is not. His blog contains a lot of useful, and most importantly, topical information for conducting your online business and help to improve your business (increase traffic, improve communication, etc.).
The next mentor is Wendy Piersall. Wendy’s blog is aimed at those people who want to build their online business. It provides good advice and relevant information from the marketing world to improve or create your own business. She not only teaches her readers, but also inspires them.
Maki is an incredibly talented and professional mentor. He knows everything about business advancement and provides professional advice on virtually any issue. If you need detailed and most relevant information, you should visit his blog.
Best Regards,
Daisy R. from!

(Henry Cooper) #10

A few of the known mentors such as Bryan Clark, Danial Scocco are flawless, and everyone’s favourite but have you heard of Darren Rowse and his fantastic work. If you aim at building online blogging, don’t forget to follow his tips. His honesty on which he has made his reputation won’t take you astray — detailed instruct ions one by one and his clear articulation of steps that his blogs cover can give answers to all the confusions on your mind. Bryan Clark, on the other hand, is a copywriter. For any online marketing such as copywriting, blogging and list marketing you can find an honest mentor in him to guide you thoroughly through concepts. To create your business and excel in online marketing looking up to a successful mentor is the first step towards reaching the goal and if you have the right mentor know that you are half way to your goal.

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