What do you think about HelpDesk integration? An update is coming!

Hello LiveChat Users!

A few weeks ago we’ve released a HelpDesk integration for LiveChat and we would like to hear your feedback! Have you tried it? If so, how do you like it so far?

In January, we are going to release an update with a couple of fresh features!

In the new version, you’ll be able to migrate from in-built LiveChat ticketing system to HelpDesk more naturally. When migrating, all the data (tickets with their statuses, assigned agents, etc.) will be transferred automatically.

What’s more, after the migration it will be possible to hide the icon of the LC ticketing system if you decide to transfer all your tickets to HelpDesk.

But until we release it, we would like to hear from you!
How do you like our update? What would you like to find in the next one?

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