Google Tasks: don't forget customers' queries

Krzysztof Kraus
2 min read
updated: Dec 9, 2019

If you use Google Tasks to help you manage your schedule, it is a good idea to transfer tasks from LiveChat to remember about a call or an email that your customer has requested - this all can be done with the use of Google Tasks integration.

In this tutorial you'll find instructions on how to create a Zap adding a Task from chat to Google Tasks account.

Creating the LiveChat - Google Tasks Integration

Creating this Zap consists of three main parts:

  1. Setting up the trigger
    - choosing an event that will start data passing
  2. Configuring the action
    - setting up what will happen in the target app
  3. Launching the Zap
    - turning the integration on

Setting up the trigger

First, set up a rule on which the information will be passed from LiveChat.

  1. Log in to Zapier and click on Make a Zap in the upper menu.

Creating a new Zap

Integration with Wunderlist: selecting LiveChat trigger

Entering your LiveChat account data

Adding a filter

The second step is adding a filter that will only pass the chats with a ‘task’ tag further.

Integration with Google Tasks: Adding a tag filter

Configuring the action

Now it is time to configure which fields will be passed from LiveChat to Google Tasks

Mapping Google Tasks fields

Finalizing the Google Tasks Integration

Launching the Zap

If all tests went green, it is time to enable your new Zap.

Saving the Google Tasks Integration

Done! Now, your Google Tasks integration is ready and each time you will tag your chat with task, the task will be stored in your Google Tasks account.

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