Ticket response & resolution times

Jacob Firuta
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updated: Jun 19, 2019

Check on the efficiency of your agents resolving tickets using the first response time and resolution time reports.

Ticket first response time

This report shows you how quick your agents are to respond to new tickets. In this report, you can see how long on average it takes to get a response via ticket on a particular day. To provide you some background, the information about the total number of tickets answered that day is also available.

The same metric can be checked for different groups and individual agents. The agent section is especially useful as it offers much more precise analytics on first response times. The response time clock start as soon as the ticket is created and stops when a reply to the ticket is posted.

Ticket first response time report in LiveChat

You can hover your mouse cursor over individual bars to get more detailed information.
You can hover your mouse cursor over individual bars to get more detailed information.

Ticket resolution time

The data from this report tells you how long, on average, it takes for your agents to resolve a ticket. Just like in the case of the ticket first response report, you can check the ticket resolution times for various groups and individual agents.

Ticket resolution time report in LiveChat

The resolution time is counted from the moment the ticket is created to the moment the ticket is marked as resolved.

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