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Agent activity

by Jacob Firuta

You can get detailed information about the times when your agents were available for chat using the Agent activity report.

This report is available for Business and Enterprise customers.

The report offers a graphical representation of your agents’ statuses. The activity is represented by 24 squares, one for each hour during a particular day. The colors of the squares inform you about agents’ statuses:

  • green – agent was accepting chats,
  • red – agent was not accepting chats,
  • gray – agent was offline.
Agent activity report in LiveChat

The colored space is proportional to the time spent in a particular status. For example, if the agent was chatting for 30 minutes during a particular hour, only half of the square will be colored.

When you hover over a particular segment, you can get detailed information about its length.

Agent activity report details

The graphs for all agents are sorted according to their activity. The agents with some activity are displayed alphabetically from the top. Agents without any activity are displayed alphabetically below.

You can filter the report to display data for a particular day or agent group only.
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