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Evernote: Add chat transcripts as notes

by Justyna Kraszewska

Using LiveChat and Evernote on daily basis? Good, if you find those two useful you can marry them up. If your chat visitors give you inspirational ideas about your webpage, have queries about their purchases (on which you need to check later) or report errors via LiveChat then you can create a tag for such chats and save them as notes in Evernote.

Integration with Evernote: A chat passed as a note

Here’s a tutorial with instructions on how to create a Zap that will create a note in your Evernote after a ‘note’ tag is added to a chat.

Creating the Evernote – LiveChat Zap

Creating a Zap consists of four main parts:

  1. Setting up the trigger
  2. Adding a filter
  3. Configuring the action
  4. Launching the Zap

Setting up LiveChat trigger

The first step to set up this integration is to determine a condition that will trigger an action in your Evernote account.

In this integration Chat changed trigger will be used.

  1. Log in to Zapier and click on Make a Zap in the upper menu.
Integration with Evernote: creating a new Zap
  1. Choose LiveChat as the Trigger App.
  2. Select Chat changed as the Trigger.
Integration with Evernote: selecting LiveChat trigger
  1. Click on Save + Continue to proceed.
  2. Select Connect a New Account and then provide your LiveChat login email and the API key. Next, click on Yes, continue to accept.
Integration with Evernote: Entering your LiveChat account data
  1. You can rename your account. Then confirm your choice by clicking on Save + Continue.
  2. Select Fetch & Continue to test this step and make sure it is working properly.

Adding a filter

The second step is adding a filter that will only pass the chats with a ‘note’ tag further.

  1. Go to the filter section in Zapier and choose the tag of the chats that you want to pass to Evernote.
Integration with Evernote: Adding a tag filter
  1. Then confirm by clicking Continue button.

Configuring the action in Evernote

High time to configure what will happen in Evernote after the tag is added to a chat.

  1. Choose Evernote as Action App.
  2. Then choose Create Note as the action and confirm by clicking on Continue.
  3. Select your Evernote account and confirm the choice by clicking on Continue.
  4. Authorize Zapier to access your Evernote by clicking Authorize in the pop-up window.
Integration with Evernote: Granting the access
  1. Next, decide which data will be passed in your Note.
Integration with Evernote: Setting up a template
  1. After you finish, click on Continue button down the page to proceed.
  2. Zapier will ask you to test the Zap. Follow the instructions to make sure your Zap is working correctly.
  3. Next, click on the Finish button.

Launching the Zap

All tested? Let’s turn this integration on then.

  1. Turn the Zap on by clicking on the grey switch and start passing information from LiveChat to Evernote.
Integration with Evernote: Turning Zap on

Congratulations! You have just linked your LiveChat with Evernote through Zapier. From now on, transcript of each chat with a ‘note’ tag will be passed as a new note.

Integration with Evernote: A chat passed as a note
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