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Facebook Connect integration

by Jacob Firuta
This integration is currently not supported. At the moment you can connect LiveChat to Facebook Messenger.

Being able to receive help from an operator as soon as possible is very important for your customers. Visitors who want to take care of something quickly might want to use a faster method of logging in to your live chat.

Facebook Connect integration lets your visitors login quickly with their Facebook accounts. No need to fill any surveys, they can simply type in their Facebook credentials and start chatting.

What’s more, there is no need to login more than once since the user will be remembered.

Setting up Facebook Connect

To set up the integration, go to the Pre-chat survey section of your LiveChat panel and select Log in with Facebook. Don’t forget to click on Save changes to finalize the process.

Enabling Facebook Connect integration

From now on, your visitors will be able to use their Facebook accounts to log in to your live chat.

New online customer service experience

This integration is not only useful for visitors but for operators too. Facebook Connect completely changes the way you see your traffic on site. It ceases to be anonymous traffic of meaningless IP numbers or domain names and becomes something much better.

After enabling this integration, your site starts to fill with people whose names and photos are available. It becomes an interactive shop, your visitors become your clients and you are the shopkeeper greeting them by name. This kind of relation with your website visitors is available only through Facebook Connect.

Also, feel free to try out LiveChat on your Facebook fan page using our integration with Facebook Messenger.

Make good use of the information! Try to get to know your customers better, recognize returning visitors and greet them by their name. This is a sure way to earn groups of faithful customers that will keep coming back for more!
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