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iContact: more leads through chat

by Justyna Kraszewska

iContact integration will allow you to increase your newsletter audience by providing a newsletter sign up option in the pre-chat survey.


Follow the steps listed below to enable this integration:

  1. Go to the iContact integration page.
  2. Proceed by selecting Install.
Installing the iContact integration
  1. Next, login to your iContact account.
  2. Access the developer portal and click on iContact logo on the left.
Accessing the iContact developer portal
  1. On the next page, select Register and enable your application.
Registering an app in iContact
If you have other apps enabled already, skip steps 6-9. Copy the Application ID found in Your AppId section.
  1. Next, choose the production environment by clicking on the link.
Choosing production environment
  1. Then select API 2.0 and enable this AppId for your account.
Enabling API for LiveChat
  1. After naming the app and writing a short description for it, click on Get AppId.
Generating your API password for the AppID
  1. Copy the Application ID, create a new password and click on Save.
Creating new AppId password
  1. Go to the integration page inside LiveChat panel and enter the Application ID, the newly created API password and your iContact Username in the iContact.
  2. To get the missing List ID, go to your Contacts and proceed to Lists.
  3. Access the desired newsletter list and copy the list ID from the page address.
Getting the ListID
  1. Paste the List ID in the iContact integration options and click on Save changes to finalize.
Providing iContact credentials
  1. Go to your Pre-chat survey settings, add the new field called E-mail with confirmation and Save changes.
Adding pre-chat survey field

From now on, your visitors will be able to sign up to your newsletter during the pre-chat survey process. This will significantly boost your e-mail marketing efforts by generating new leads.

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