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Roles: Owner, Administrators and Agents

by Jacob Firuta

There are three roles in LiveChat licenses, each serving a different purpose. There is an Owner, Administrators and Agents.


The Owner is the person who created a LiveChat license. Think of them as someone in charge. Owners can affect each and every aspect of a license. They can add Administrators and Agents, change settings, access statistics and chat archives.

Only owners can access the billing panel and make payments for the license.

There can be only one Owner at time. Ownership can be transferred in the subscription section.

To easily take care of the billing side of a LiveChat license, the Owner should have access to your company’s credit card.


Administrators manage LiveChat licenses. Think of Administrators as team leaders. They can create new accounts, change settings, access statistics and chat archives.

Owner or other Administrators can add new agents in the Agents section.

Even though there can be any number of Administrators, you don’t really need many of them to manage your license. Usually, one or two is enough to take care of all the settings.


Agent is the most basic role in a LiveChat license. They are the face of your company. They can’t change settings, apart from canned responses and tags, and use LiveChat to chat with the visitors and supervise chats. They can also see their and their teammates’ chat history and stats.

New Agents can be added by the Owner and Administrators in the Agents section.

If you have several employees responsible for chatting with your visitors at different times of the day, you don’t need an agent seat for each of them. You can have them working on rotation-based schedule, on their own Agent accounts.
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