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Route chats to specific departments using URL rules

by Justyna Janowska

URL rules let you route chats from selected pages to specific groups of agents. For example, you may have dedicated agents skilled in different areas, like sales and support. With URL rules you can route chats to one group or the other depending on the page where the chat started.

How URL rules work

Using URL rules, you can also play with the look and feel of your chat window on a page-to-page basis. You can even set a rule that will turn the chat off on selected pages.

Here’re few examples of what you can do with the rules:

  1. Have support agents chatting with customers on your help pages.
  2. Change the chat window look or language on multilingual pages.
  3. Disable LiveChat on pages where you get too many spam chats.

Forwarding chats to specific groups of agents

You can route chats on selected pages directly to specific groups. For example chats from your self-service page can be routed to your support team. To do that, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your LiveChat and go to the URL rules section.
  2. Click Add your first rule.
  3. Enter the address of the page you want to match. This can be either a partial or an exact match.
selecting a page for URL rule
Use contains to match a part of a page address. For example, you can cover all product pages creating just one rule for all pages.

The is exactly option means that the entire page address must match. It’s useful when you want to use the rule for a specific page.
  1. Next, choose the group that will answer chats on those pages. You can also create a new group on the fly using the Add new group… option.
selecting LiveChat group for URL rule
  1. To finish, click Add rule.
Adding URL rules

From now, all chats started on the specified page will be routed to agents from the selected group.

Customizing chat window on different pages

You can change how your chat window looks on different pages. For example, if you have a separate page for French customers, you can display your chat window in French on that page.

If you want to change the chat window language for a particular page, start by creating a group for agents who know that language.

Once you have the group set, match the URL address of your French site with the group of French speaking agents.

specifying multilingual pages

Following the above steps, you can create multiple chat windows in different shapes, colours, branding and more to better fit the design of various pages.

Start by creating separate groups for each customization (don’t forget to assign agents who will answer chats from those pages).

Next, go to the Theme settings and select one of the created groups using the pick a group option in the top right corner.

customizing LiveChat per group

Set up a new look for the group. Repeat the process for your other groups. Finally, create URL rules that will assign selected groups to particular pages.

Using this method, you can create various chat window looks for different types of product pages on your website.

Disabling LiveChat on selected pages

You can turn your LiveChat off on selected pages by using the URL rules. It’s especially useful if you get too many unproductive chats from certain pages, like your main page, and you want to keep your LiveChat only on pages that generate better leads, such as your product pages.

To disable LiveChat on selected pages, start by specifying the page address for the rule. Then, instead of assigning it to a group, choose to turn LiveChat off. That’s it. LiveChat will now be disabled on the specified page.

turning LiveChat off on selected pages
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