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Twilio: send SMS from LiveChat!

by Krzysztof Kraus
Note that this LiveChat integration does not work with Twilio Free Trial account.

Twilio LiveChat: integrate LiveChat with Twilio and start sending SMS to your customers, right from your LiveChat app! Whether sending a message that includes a targeted campaign or a simple reminder that your customer’s order is complete, SMS channel is a great way to expand your Customer Service!

The core features offered by Twilio integration are:

  • Sending SMS to customers during and/or after the chat;
  • Loading the history of previous messages from Twilio, based on the number provided by you or your customer.

Let’s dive into the tutorial below and learn not only how to integrate LiveChat with Twilio but also how to use the integration itself!

  • Installation – learn how to integrate Twilio with LiveChat;
  • Usage – learn how to use Twilio integration.

Twilio LiveChat: Installation

  1. Click here to access your LiveChat’s Marketplace. To proceed, go to the Apps section.
Infusionsoft LiveChat: Go to the Apps section in MArketplace
  1. On the list of available apps, look for Twilio and click on Install button.
Twilio LiveChat: Install Twilio app to proceed
  1. After successful installation, go to the Archives section of your LiveChat. There you will see a new Twilio icon, available at the top right section of your app. Click on it to configure the integration.
Twilio LiveChat: Click on a Highrise icon to continue
  1. You will be prompted with a new window, asking you to provide your Twilio credentials.
Twilio LiveChat: Provide your Twilio credentials
  1. To get your Account SID and Auth token, click on a link available under the Connect button.
Twilio LiveChat: to get your credentials, click on a link under the Connect button
  1. You will be taken to the General Settings of your Twilio account. From there, copy the Account SID and your Auth token.
Twilio LiveChat: Copy Account SID and Auth token from Twilio
  1. Now, all that is left is to paste your Twilio credentials to LiveChat and click on Connect.
Twilio LiveChat: Paste your Twilio credentials and click on Connect

Done! LiveChat is now linked with Twilio and you can start sending SMS to your customers right away! To learn how to use the integration, check out the chapter below.

Twilio LiveChat: Usage

Sending SMS

  1. To send a new SMS, simply choose one of your concurrent or archived chats and open the Twilio app, available at the top right section of LiveChat.
Twilio LiveChat: choose one of your chats and open Twilio app
  1. If your Twilio account has several numbers added to it, you can choose from which number your customer will receive a message.
Twilio LiveChat: Choose from which number your customer will receive a message
  1. Now, type your customer’s phone number to the Send to field.
If your customer has left you his phone number in the pre-chat survey, Twilio app will automatically recognize it and pass it over to the Send to field for you! Not using pre-chat survey at LiveChat or don’t know how to add a new field to it? Click here to learn more!
Twilio LiveChat: provide your customer's number
  1. All that is left is to type in your message and hit the Send a message button.
Twilio LiveChat: type your message and hit Send

And that’s it: your customer should receive your message in no time! So, now that you know how to send SMS to your customers, let’s see how to check the history of your previous SMS conversations. To to this, let’s jump into the section below.

Check SMS history

Our Twilio app can also load the last five messages that you previously exchanged with your customer. If Twilio will recognize the number added to the Sent to field, we will display the last five messages that you had with your customer. The results will be available under the Last five messages section.

Twilio LiveChat: Check the history of your communication

Oh, and one more thing: hoovering over the message with your mouse will show you it’s preview. How awesome is that!

Twilio LiveChat: Preview the previous message with your customer

And that’s it! Now you know how to use your brand new SMS channel, extending the reach and the quality of your support in the process! Hopefully, you have found this article helpful but if you have any additional questions, feel free to start a chat with us – we are available 24/7/365!

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