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Live Chat Software

You can use live chat just like any other customer contact tool, such as phone or email. Yet, live chat has no equal when it comes to maximizing profits and making most of each conversation. Plus, your customers will love it.

What is live chat software?

Live chat window placed on your website allows you to talk to your customers in real time, solving their problems or advising on a purchase. Whoever comes to your site can start a conversation with one of your employees just by clicking on a chat widget. It’s simple and effortless.

What’s in it for you?

Best real-time customer service you can offer

There’s a popular web design theory saying, that user should be able to find all the information with no more than three clicks.

With live chat software installed on your website, your customers won’t have to bother looking for a phone number or wait for someone to answer their email for days. It only takes one click to ask whatever they want. And it gives your team the power to answer their questions within the chat, right as they appear.

What’s more, you get to know some basic data about the customers and their previous chat history, if there is one. With that knowledge, your support is even faster and more enjoyable. Does it sound like the perfect customer service software?

No sales opportunity missed

Live chat software gives you a chance to get a ton of new leads and increase your sales by jumping in at the right time and clearing the way to the checkout for your customers.

It allows you to monitor the way users move through your website and set up automated actions determined by it. For example, if the customer spends more than 5 minutes on a product page, it may be a good idea to automatically start a chat with him and boost the chances of netting a sale.

Live chat can also be a valuable lead generation tool. Don’t hang only on visitors who are ready to buy now, but think about your future customers. Contact details collected before each chat are perfect to add to your marketing database. And a couple of emails can turn someone who wasn’t initially interested into a customer.

Tons of money and time saved

Live chat software will make your customer service much faster and satisfying for your customers. But let’s not forget about the enormous increase in support’s efficiency. While a regular phone agent can, naturally, chat only with one person at a time, an experienced live chat agent can handle even up to 10 chats at once. You do the math.

Business intelligence

Live chat can also be an invaluable source of knowledge about the state of your business. Hundreds of chats held each month will help you notice the valuable customer insights, which you can learn from and adapt your way of doing business to your customers’ actual problems.

What’s more, you can use pre-chat surveys to ask your visitors some chat-unrelated question, without doing the separate questionnaire. And all of the knowledge is absolutely for free.

Immediate customer support with chatbots

Some live chats can be integrated with chatbot software, that will simulate a real conversation with chat user. Don’t let your customers wait for a customer service rep to be free to help them. Teach your bot the answers to most popular and repeatable questions and let your agents focus on more complex issues. It’s basically an extra pair of hands that can work 24/7.

Best live chat solution for any industry

You might be wondering if LiveChat is the right live chat solution for your business. The answer is simple – every industry can benefit from this online communication channel. Whenever you want to provide the customer service your customers deserve or boost the sales, finding a better tool for both sales and support would be hard. No matter if you work for an ecommerce, travel agency or a school – well-informed user is a happy user.

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