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Configuring the work scheduler

by Jacob Firuta

You can set up specific working hours for each of your agents to make sure each shift is properly staffed, and there is always someone available to answer your visitors’ questions.

You need to be Business plan user to use the work scheduler.
Configured work scheduler

This feature switches agent’s status to Accept chats during working hours, and to Don’t accept chats when off.
Here’s more about how statuses work in LiveChat.

By the end of the shift, agents who are about to go offline can finish ongoing chats or transfer them to their colleagues who are just starting their work.

If such need arises, agents can still login and change their status manually before and after their working hours.

Work scheduler is based on the time set for the device agent uses to log in with. So if you start your shift at 2pm, LiveChat will switch your status to ‘Accept chats’ when 2pm hits on your system clock. Make sure to check if your system time is in sync with your local time to avoid any confusion.

Follow these steps to set working hours for an agent:

  1. Log in and go to the Agents section.
  2. Select the agent whose working hours you want to modify.
  3. Click on Edit to proceed.
Accessing agent's profile settings
  1. Click on change… in the Working hours section to set the time frame for the particular agent.
Accessing the work scheduler settings
  1. Set the working hours of the agent for weekdays and weekends.
Weekdays and weekends configuration

Alternatively, you can click on advanced settings and configure the working hours for each day separately.

Setting up working hours
  1. Click on Save changes to finalize.

Setting up the night shifts

To set up a night shift for an agent, you need to tick the night shift option next to the shift sliders. This will invert the selection, allowing you to create a shift that starts on one day and continues on the following day.

Setting up the night shift
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