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Volusion: live chat for Volusion!

by Daniel Zielinski
Note that this tutorial is dedicated to V2 version of your Volusion store. If you are using Volusion 1, click here and follow the steps from the tutorial dedicated to your version.

Live chat for Volusion opens up another means of communication with customers, giving them instant answers to any questions they might have. Drive more e-commerce sales with live chat and provide a personalized experience to shoppers.

Follow the steps below to get live chat running on your Volusion website in just a few clicks.

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Add live chat to Volusion

  1. Go into your Volusion dashboard. From there, navigate to the App Store.
Log into your Volusion dashboard
  1. There, select Live Chat from the list of available apps.
Select Live Chat from the list of available apps
  1. Click Install. On the next screen, click Confirm install to finish enabling the app.
Click Install to add live chat for Volusion
  1. Navigate to the list of installed apps. Then, select Live Chat .
Navigate to the list of installed apps
  1. If you don’t have a LiveChat account click the Sign up for free link. Otherwise, log into the LiveChat web application using the Sign in with LiveChat button.
Log into your LiveChat account

That’s it! You are now set up, and ready to go.

To answer chats, you have to be logged into one of our apps – web based or desktop. There are also applications for mobile devices – iPhone , iPad and Android .

Want to learn more about LiveChat? Click here to read our official tutorial for beginners! Also, in case of any questions, feel free to start a chat with us – our Support Heroes are available 24/7/365!

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