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Zendesk integration: creating tickets in chat window

by Jacob Firuta

Combine your LiveChat with Zendesk to further enhance its support capabilities.

This integration will make the following possible:

  • Creating tickets on the fly during a chat with a visitor
  • Creating tickets from archived chats
  • Forwarding offline messages as tickets to Zendesk
  • Tracking your Zendesk visitors and placing live chat button on your support pages
  • Displaying visitor data based on the information gathered in Zendesk

Activating Zendesk integration

To set up the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Zendesk installation page and click on Install button.
Installing Zendesk integration
  1. Next, login to your Zendesk and click on the Settings icon in the bottom left of the page.
Go to Settings of your Zendesk
  1. Select API in the Channels section.
Access API section in Zendesk
  1. Tick Enabled box and then click on + button – that will generate a new API token.
Generate new API token in Zendesk
  1. Remember to name and copy your brand new token.
Name and copy your brand new token
  1. At Zendesk part, all that is left is to Save your new API token.
Save your new API token
  1. Paste API token to LiveChat integration settings, along with your Zendesk address and E-mail.
  2. Click on Save changes to enable the integration.
Saving Zendesk integration information
When creating a ticket for the first time, your agents will have to provide their Zendesk login and password. Afterwards, each ticket will be created immediately.

Creating tickets

Using this integration, you will be able to create tickets in Zendesk directly from LiveChat panel. Chat transcript will be automatically attached to each ticket. This is a great way to give your specialists some feedback on the problem, since all the valuable information will be present in the ticket.

To create a new ticket, click on More in the upper right portion of the chat window during a chat and select the Create a ticket option.

Creating Zendesk ticket from a chat

You can create a ticket from an archived chat as well. To do that, select a chat in the Archives and click on the Zendesk Create a ticket button.

Creating Zendesk ticket from Archives
If you don’t ask for your visitor email in the pre-chat survey, you will have to provide it during ticket creation. Consider asking for this information or enabling the Facebook Connect integration.

Your newly created ticket will appear in Zendesk. You can now assign it to a specific agent.

You can also create a ticket from an archived chat. To do this, go to your Archives section, find the chat you want to forward to Zendesk and click on Create a ticket.

Ticket history in the chat window

You will be able to provide support more efficiently by quickly checking visitors’ ticket history. When a visitor comes to chat and provides an e-mail address used to create a ticket in your Zendesk, they will be automatically recognized and the ticket history will be displayed.

Ticket history in the chat window

Forwarding LiveChat offline messages to Zendesk

Once you activate the Zendesk integration, LiveChat will forward all offline messages to your Zendesk and create new tickets for them.

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