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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
8 February 2016

Improved message sending

We’ve listened to you and changed how the chat window behaves during problems with the Internet connection. Now, when your Internet is down, LiveChat will let you know right away to eliminate messages sent in vain.

LiveChat during a connectivity issue

If you see the message field in the chat turn yellow, it means sending messages is paused till your connection clears. All this to save you clicks and frustration on posting messages that can’t go through. Once you reconnect to the Internet, you’ll receive all postponed messages from customers and be able to post again.

2 February 2016

New LiveChat for iOS on the App Store

Version 2.4.8 is waiting for you in the App Store. The app will now warn you when your push notifications are off, so that you don’t miss on any message from your customers.


Here’s what’s new in version 2.4.8:

  • The Profile screen is better looking and easier to use.
  • We added a quick access button to your iOS push notification settings.
  • We also added a badge in the Profile tab that will warn you when your push notifications are off.
  • The banner “You are currently not accepting chats” is now more compact in size and fits better to the screen.
  • Fixed: Remember this awkward white space on the right of the message input field? We got rid of it.
  • Fixed: A crash when signing in with Google with no Internet connection.
  • Fixed: A crash when signing in with Google after your access token expired.
  • Fixed: Going from a chat to the list of all chats, the first chat on the list used to bounce. Well, it doesn’t anymore.
  • Fixed: Up there in the Visitors tab are labels for visitor statuses. For inexplicable reasons, the “Left website” label was gone, so we put it back.

We hope you will enjoy it!

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27 January 2016

Preview images in chats

Today’s update makes sharing images quicker and more convenient. Agents of all plans can now preview images received in chats without opening them.

Agents can now preview images in LiveChat

This nifty feature will save time and clicks when supporting customers. The next time a customer attaches an image, agents will instantly see it in the chat window.

26 January 2016

Refurbishing around the panel

We’ve moved things around for easier navigation. Greetings, Eye-catcher and Chat buttons are now grouped in one handy category. Since they all boost customer engagement, we called the category… Engagements. The features themselves have not changed, they’re just easier to find and use.

URL rules updates

URL rules is another feature that changed. It’s embarrassing, but even our developers found it too hard to use. With that in mind, we’ve redesigned the experience by removing technical jargon and making the darn thing look sexy. The only thing that didn’t change is the functionality. You can still use URL rules to route chats to specific groups of agents or play with the look of your chat window on different pages. Learn more…

11 January 2016

Credit card masking extended to all plans

Customers sometimes provide their credit card numbers during a chat, although they shouldn’t. Keep their sensitive data away from prying eyes by enabling Credit card masking.

credit card masking

Credit card numbers are identified in chats using the Luhn algorithm. When a customer enters a number that matches the credit card pattern, all characters but last 4 will be masked. Keeping sensitive data out of your LiveChat lets you meet the high PCI DSS security standards.

CC masking used to be available to the Enterprise users but is now a part of all plans. You can enable it under the Security section > Credit card masking.

31 December 2015

Message read and delivered statuses

Today, we roll out message statuses that tell you and your customers if the messages you send get delivered and read. No more having to wonder if the customer or agent is still there or following-up on the message receipt. With message statuses you will know at a glance where the conversation stands.

LiveChat message read indicator

Whenever a message arrives to the recipient’s device, ‘Delivered‘ status will show next to the message text. As soon as the recipient opens the chat, the status will change to ‘Read‘. Simple as they are, those tiny notifications can make a huge impact on how you interact with customers. Bringing nonverbal communication cues to the table will add the real-life flavour to it.

29 December 2015

New iOS App in Store

Our updated iOS app 2.4.6 is waiting for you in the App Store.

updated LiveChat ios app

The new version brings some minor bug fixes, usability improvements and user-interface enhancements.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved Internet connectivity and a more stable log in process.
  • Enhanced and polished login screen.
  • Updated Google sign-in.
  • The App version is now displayed on the profile screen.
  • Fixed crashes on Google sign-in.
  • Fixed crashes on uploading files.

We hope you will enjoy it!

Your opinion is important to us. Tell us what you think about the app:

28 December 2015

Start chat with a custom message

Today we roll out an important update to manual chat invitations. Many of you suggested making them editable for more personal and conversational interactions. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we launch the custom message for manual chat invitations. You can now select customers from your visitors list and send them a real-time message tailored to their individual needs.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

sending a custom LiveChat message

The personal touch makes all the difference, right?

22 December 2015

Updated surveys and forms

Chat surveys and forms got a small upgrade today. It’s now possible to squeeze long choice lists in your pre-chat, post-chat and ticket forms using the dropdown box.

You will also notice that the pre-chat survey welcome message changed into information field. Along with the new name came better functionality – you can add as many information fields as you like and move them around. Happy customizing!

10 December 2015

Banned visitors list

Another day and another security update is out! After trusted domains, today we’re introducing Banned visitors list.

From now, each admin and owner can view and edit all banned visitors on a managable list. You no longer have to wait for the spammer to start another chat to ban them. Instead, ban any IP address directly from your LiveChat dashboard to prevent them from chatting again. Oh, and if they’ve learned their lesson, you can easily unban them. Also from the dashboard. All you troublemakers out there be warned!

Learn more…

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