Quick tip: How to get 100% completeness bar

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Although the completeness bar is no longer available in the New Version of LiveChat, you should definitely check it out!

LiveChat configuration completeness bar — displayed in your Control Panel — gives you one important information. It tells you how effectively your LiveChat is configured. In other words, the closer to 100% you are, the more advantages of using LiveChat you will see.

The completeness bar in LiveChat 1.0

We have written an Introduction Tutorial to help you with configuring LiveChat properly. Until your configuration will reach 100% you will see the tutorial link under the completeness bar. Just follow all 7 important steps and see how your LiveChat gives you even more advantages than before. It will, promise!

Don’t wait. Proceed to the Introduction Tutorial now. It’s also a great way to explore latest LiveChat features highly appreciated by our customers — Triggers and Goals.


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